Why Appflow?

The fastest, easiest way to build and ship mobile apps.

Appflow is a mobile DevOps solution for teams building apps with any hybrid mobile architecture, including apps built with Cordova, Capacitor, and Ionic. It helps teams increase agility, app quality, and time to market by automating key phases of the development lifecycle.

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Fewer errors. Instant deploys. Deliver in half the time.

Appflow makes it easier to generate native apps, ship real-time updates, streamline build processes, and organize approval workflows without all the hassle.

Teams using Appflow are 81% more likely to release multiple times per week or more, compared to teams that aren’t using a CI/CD tool. Let us handle app delivery so you can focus on the good stuff.

Increase speed and agility

Deploy features and fixes at the speed of development. Our easy-to-use automation platform can help you move faster and iterate quickly—from the moment code is written to the moment it lands in the hands of your users.

Deliver a better mobile experience

Delight your users by shipping new features and fixes not just faster, but also more often. Appflow makes it easy to send app updates directly to users in real-time, without waiting for app store or MDM approval.

Mobile CI/CD made simple

Accelerate the pace of innovation without the need for costly experts or complicated tools. Preconfigured with best practices out of the box with optional, easy customization, your entire delivery Appflow can be automated in minutes.


Everything you need for mobile app delivery.

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Easy setup

Our smart defaults and workflows give you everything you need to fully automate delivery in minutes—and fully customizable when needed.

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Native app builds

Simplify the build process with a stable, consistent cloud-based environment for generating native iOS and Android binaries.

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Build automation

Initiate multiple concurrent builds automatically without any manual intervention.

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Git integrations

Connect Appflow to your existing git repository with pre-built integrations for GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and more.

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Connected services

Integrate with third-party apps using webhooks. Set up Slack notifications on builds, send app versions to AWS Device Farm, automate the app store submission, and more.

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Live app updates

Easily push new features and code changes directly to end-user devices, without being dependent on app stores or internal MDMs.

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App Store publishing

Publish your mobile apps directly to Apple and Android app stores, with the push of a button, directly from Appflow.

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Built for scale

Effortlessly scale to millions of app users. Appflow is used by some of the world’s best apps, from Shipt to Tim Horton’s, AAA, and more. Whatever you need, we can handle it.

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We take care of the hard stuff so you can focus on the important stuff.

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    Build server setup & maintenance

    Managing and maintaining your own build environment can be time-consuming and distracting, and requires specific expertise. That means you need to make sure that your build servers are regularly patched and updated, and running the latest versions of build tools for both iOS and Android, just to name a few.

    With Ionic Appflow, there’s no need to maintain your own build servers or build tools. We take care of that for you, so you can focus on your app.

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    Compiling native mobile app binaries

    Building a mobile app is a multi step process: from web builds to Cordova / Capacitor builds to native binary builds. Building the binary also requires knowledge of specialized tooling, such as Xcode and Android Studio. Each of those comes with specific requirements and processes for how to do things correctly. There are tons of moving parts. And if you get just one thing wrong, it won’t work.

    With Ionic Appflow, we handle all of that complexity for you. All you have to do is follow our simple, step-by-step process in order to build, deploy to app stores, and update your apps over time.

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    No Mac hardware requirement

    In order to build and publish an iOS app to the App Store, you need a Mac OS device. And unfortunately, major cloud service providers like AWS don’t offer Mac OS VMs that you could easily spin up when needed. That means you either have to acquire, setup, and maintain your own Mac OS servers, or you have to find a highly specialized cloud provider.

    But with Ionic Appflow, you don’t need a Mac to build and deploy your Ionic apps on the iOS App Store. We allow you to build for iOS in our secure cloud environment, and then publish directly to the App Store—all without needing any Mac OS hardware of virtual machines.

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    App delivery pipeline setup & maintenance

    Most DevOps solutions require advanced CI/CD expertise to properly setup, customize, and maintain your automated workflows and processes. For example, you have to know how to programmatically upload a binary, entirely in the command line, without the help of a wizard or graphical interface.

    For most application developers, this isn’t a skillset they possessed and would require time to learn, or help from others in their organization.

    Ionic Appflow solves this by dramatically simplifying build automation, requiring just a few basic inputs, so you can enable continuous delivery without being a DevOps expert.

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    Instant publishing to App Stores

    With our automated submit to app store feature, you can publish directly to the app stores without the hassle, eliminating multiple steps along the way.

    Using Ionic Appflow, all you need to do is approve the final step of publishing, add any meta data and versioning notes, and you’re done.

How Appflow is different

So, why Appflow?

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No CI/CD expertise required

Appflow is easy to set up, with plenty of useful defaults to get you started. With CI/CD best practices already built in, you don’t have to be an expert to start improving your team’s agility and delivery immediately. Everything is accessible in a highly intuitive dashboard; no custom scripting necessary.

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Hyper-focused on mobile app

No need to maintain complicated iOS and Android build environments. Simply upload your mobile certificates, start a build, and compile native app binaries in minutes. Tired of hearing “works on my machine”? It’s now a thing of the past. Automatic upgrades and optimizations of build tools ensures that your production builds get faster over time.

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Fully integrated DevOps platform

Instantly send updates to users with live app deployments: Deliver content changes, A/B tests, and bug fixes before or after your app is in the app store. Review and streamline approval workflows for ultimate flexibility: Increase your team’s development agility while still maintaining a high level of quality and security.

Appflow is an integrated mobile DevOps platform for modern app teams and businesses.

Ready to make life easier?

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