Solving Mobile CI/CD With Appflow

Matt Kremer, Product Manager at Ionic

Stream Solving Mobile CI/CD With Appflow

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Successfully implementing continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) for mobile apps is no simple task. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Managing and maintaining build environments for iOS, Android, and mobile web apps
  • Deploying MacOS server infrastructure of iOS builds
  • Certificate and profile management for mobile code signing
  • App store deployments and updates

Enter Appflow, by Ionic.

Appflow is a mobile CI/CD solution that makes it easy to build, publish, and update native mobile apps and PWAs. Appflow takes care of everything you need to generate native app binaries, publish your app to the app stores, and update apps over time. And it provides full automation, working with your existing git repos and DevOps infrastructure.

Join this live demo and Q&A session to hear from Matt Kremer, Product Manager at Ionic, and see how Appflow can help you improve app quality and streamline app delivery.